• Image of Black Voodoo Train // Mount Hush live Behind the Green Door

To safe trees you will receive no physical ticket, but the buyer will be noted at the door. Enjoy

The last concert Behind the Green Door 2018 will be a very special one.
Black Voodoo Train releasing their new vinyl "We are not in California" and Mount Hush comes back with new material and new vinyl of "Interstellar Smoke". To make the happening complete Kolossus Däächt will join the party to present their raw mixture of Grunge and Punk for the first time in Munich. Join us on a psychedelic trip from the Alps to the Bavarian Forest and hear what our country has to offer.

φ black voodoo train release concert φ
φ Mount Hush comeback concert φ
φ mind blowing analogue visuals by Kreuzer Lichtmaschine φ
φ special performance by Kolossus Däächt φ
φ aftershow party φ

black voodoo train (VINYL RELEASE)
(Psychedelic Kraut Rock)
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Spaced out Krautrock on 300μg sunshine acid - unpredictable, ecstatic, infectious - this is Black Voodoo Train. Every show becomes a unique trip into the unknown parts of their and your mind
Wild jam sessions that capture the listener and fulfill him with the bands energy and joy. Become part of this cosmic kaleidoscope of sound ...

(Heavy Psychedelic Rock)
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Mount Hush climbed up fast in Munich's underground scene, their unique blend of psychedelic soundscapes und roaring fuzz riffs brought them all around Europe and peaked at Keep It Low Festival 2017. Suddenly the mountain fell silent and it became a little bit more quiet in the city. But there is no descent without an ascent and so Mount Hush will rise once again to present their new material

Kolossus Däächt
(Grunge Punk)
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The blood, the sweat and the fuckin ́ beers, that ́s what you get at a Kolossus Däächt livegig! Four well experienced guys straightly ejaculated outta the Bavarian Forest presentone unique mixture of Garage Punk and Grunge. Raw but yet melodic, their fast-pacedsongs will catch you in about a second or even less. Beware of the Kolossus! DÄÄCHT!

06.12.2018 // Einlass: 20.00 // Beginn: 20:30

VVK: 13,00 € // AK: 15,00 €